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For spontaneous dreamers and
wanderers seeking Loventures
Mary + Roy

We’re Mary + Roy and we’re a traveling photography duo that are recently married. We’ve been a couple that photographs weddings + couples together for the last 6 years. We’re based in Northeast Florida and the NJ Tri-State area. We love to work with free spirited and spontaneous couples seeking fun, natural, and romantic wedding photography. We’re here for real connections, impromptu fun, and lasting relationships. We live to serve dreamers and tell their rad love stories. We hope that if you enjoy our work that we’ll hear from you soon so that we can go get lost together and make some photo magic!


Wanderer. Photographer of “Loventures”. Dorkasaurusrex. Plant lady.


I like to look on the bright side of life and I always have my head in the clouds, dreaming up our next big adventure. I like to make up my own words to express myself better and sometimes I talk way too fast. My favorite thing to do is laugh, so it’s a good thing that my dude is really funny. I caught the wanderlust bug young in life and it’s an itch that never goes away. I might be addicted to Instagram. #sometimesItalkinhashtags. Netflix + chill. But not that kind of chill. No, seriously, let’s chill – can’t we just veg out all day? TV Binge-watcher. I’m a whiskey and scotch enthusiast + connoisseur. Hufflepuff pride, yo. Self-professed nerd. I’m most inspired by nature, it’s real life magic and my ride or die. I’m a firm believer that love is a wild, beautiful adventure and it excites me so much to photograph it. I collect plants and keep an ever-growing garden oasis around me. I live that mermaid life. If you text me I will talk to you in emojis, they are life. The lack of unicorn and taco emojis were a constant struggle for me. ✌️ Let’s be friends!


I like to make people laugh and I like to laugh at myself. I don’t take life too seriously, I prefer to keep things laid back. I could live off of cheeseburgers in a perfect world. I want to see the world, and I’m so thankful that my passion for photography allows me to do that. I like meeting people and learning their stories, and I like to share with them about my stories. I’m a video gamer at heart, and when we aren’t traveling you can usually find me gaming. I have a thing for internet memes. I’ve collected comic books from a young age, I’ve always loved the stories that they tell about the heroes and the sacrifices they make for the greater good. I spend my days holding my girl’s hand. I live for music, especially indie and folk rock like Mumford & Sons.

  • 01. Friendtographers

    The basis of great images has to do with real connections between people, so that’s why we think it’s so important that we jive together. We befriend our couples, we are part of your inner circle during your wedding day. If you don’t connect with us as people, you won’t get the photos you want from us.

    • Real human connection
    • Real emotions + authentic moments
    • Long lasting friendships + relationships long after the wedding
  • 02. Moment Cultivators

    We’re documentary style photographers, hell bent on being the fly on the wall when the time calls for it. We want to blend into your wedding day as much as possible. We don’t dress in black shirts and black pants, we dress as if we were guests at your wedding. We want you to get your photos back and say that you didn’t even know where we were standing when we took the photo.

    • Always on the hunt to capture the moments
    • We dress ourselves as guests
    • We blend in to shoot documentary style
  • 03. Creative Artists

    The majority of our photography work revolves around cultivating and capturing real moments of love + laughter of you and your family and friends together, but that doesn’t mean that we ignore being creative either! Stretching our creative legs, so to speak, makes our hearts sing and these photos will round out the story of your day. But here’s the catch – you have to trust us + commit!

    • Constantly keeping ourselves inspired
    • Dreamy creative portraits
    • Experimenting with film photography
  • 04. Life Coach

    Remember when we talked about Mary’s hat collection? We also figuratively wear many hats on a wedding day. Not only do we have to switch between being documenters of the moments unfolding throughout the day to editorial photographers styling your details in a creative way to food photographers, we also are there to cheer with you as you get into your wedding attire, to dash away your tears and offer a tissue, to be your temporary life coach to calm down your nerves. We’ve seen it all, and we’re there to support you and guide you through every moment of the day!

    • Roy is a champion coat rack for purses, bouquets, drinks, shawls, and more - all while shooting. #boss
    • Boutonniere needs to be pinned? Shoes need to be put on? Bustle time? No problem, we've done it all.
    • We keep our cool no matter what a wedding day throws at us
  • 05. Keeping It Simple, Keeping It Real

    We want everything to be simple and easy for you, from communicating with us to planning out your timeline to taking the photos to downloading and viewing your photos online. This isn’t rocket science, it’s wedding + portrait photography so K.I.S.S. right? Wedding days are fast and unpredictable, which is one of the things we love the most about them, so we are quick to adapt to anything that changes and we’re all about working efficiently. Keeping it real for us also means that while we love things like Pinterest and the wedding photos that your BFF took, you’ll love your photos from us even more when you toss out the two page list of shots to recreate and just enjoy your wedding day or your portrait time together. That’s where the loventures and the real moments happen.

    • Keeping the whole process easy
    • Quickly adapt to changes
    • We don't want to overcomplicate anything
  • 06. How We Work

    In the simplest of terms, together. We have a dynamic that we love. Mary tends to take on the role of communicator and main director, while Roy gets the ninja moment shots. He blends seamlessly to become one of the guys, while Mary becomes part of your girl squad. Because we’re a married couple we’re able to show you what to do together for your photos, so that our couples are able to mirror us.

    • Easy posing directions, all you have to do is mirror us
    • Wolf Pack + Girl Squad
    • We work together as a couple