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Our Philosophy + What To Expect
You don't want cookie cutter photos + We aren't cookie cutter photographers

First of all, we want to say thank you for checking us out! These days there’s endless choices for your wedding photographers, and Roy and I are really pumped that you’re considering us! We know how crazy planning a wedding can get, we’re married and planned our whole wedding ourselves, so we hope that we’ve laid everything out for you as simply as humanly possible. The best thing you can do for yourself when selecting your photographer, or any other vendor for that matter, is to really get to know them first. We might not be the right fit for you, and that’s totally cool! No hard feelings, we promise – we can even still go get tacos together if you still want to be our friends. It’s just so important to us to get this across to our couples and to those who glance at our website and move along – wedding photography is not just an investment in your photos + your moments, it’s also an investment in a relationship! So, if you’ve read through multiple pages of our website, laughed at anything on our about page and related, took a browse through our blog, and taken the time to look us up on Instagram and gotten excited like a 4 year old and jumped around a little bit then we’d say that’s a pretty good sign that you’ve connected with us, so get in touch!

How We Work
What makes us tick + What to expect

If you’re going to read anything on our website, we really really really want you to read this section right here. We’re really passionate about these things. We’ve been doing this long enough now to know how we like to shoot and we try not to compromise on that too much because we’ve found that when we bend and change everything about our process and our style that it doesn’t come out feeling right to us. This is the section where we get real and give it to you straight, because let’s be honest you probably have enough stuff to deal with and hoops to jump through when planning your wedding. We want to make this process simple and easy for you, so if you read this section and you love us and are even more excited to work with us, then YES we are here. for. it! Let’s get down to business (to defeat the huuunnssss) and chit chat about your wedding deets. BUT, if you read this section and it rubs you all kinds of wrong ways like rubbing a cat’s fur in the wrong direction and sand in your sun screen then that is completely okay – we are not going to be the right photography choice for everyone, no matter how much you might love our work! And if that’s the case, you can still shoot us an email to tell us a little about yourselves and what you’re looking for and we can give you our recommendations and point you in the right direction for a photographer that will be the perfect fit for you! We went through the whole planning process ourselves, after all, so we’re all in this together! (Mary is totally singing High School Musical in her head right now.)



The thing about wedding photography is that sure, photography is a skill and there’s a lot of technical practice that goes into what we do. But you know what’s even more fundamental and important and key to Roy and I for us to be able to do our jobs and do it damn well? Real life, honest to goodness connection + friendship. That’s right, folks, we’re talking human-to-human, friendship bracelets, hair braiding, beers + burgers + tacos + guac, and nerding out together over our favorite things. We need to be able to jive with you to do our jobs well, plain and simple, because we want to, because knowing you as a friend helps us to cultivate your personalities and your love to make a photo. That might sound like some pretentious bullshit to you, but we ain’t kidding. If you don’t feel any kind of friendly spark between the four of us or if you think we are the most annoying people you’ve ever met, then you probably won’t get photos that you love because our photos aren’t just of people, they’re of your personalities + your love + the essence that makes up you as a person and you as a couple. We truly get connected with you and we build a relationship together since our first meeting (or maybe even our first email, did we just become best friends?). The way we work best to truly serve up the realest wedding day slices of time is to make sure you are comfortable with us, that you jive with us and that you’ve made a connection with us, too, so that we all feel comfortable around one another to goof off and be silly and let the tears slip out. Mary will be right there with you, she’s been known to cry at weddings. While shooting.



We don’t do this job to get famous, or to win photography awards, or because it’s cool, or even because we want to be the best at it (we don’t). We do it because we f*cking love getting to meet people and become a part of their lives and see how their dynamic works. We do it because we love it when we get to fist pump and happy dance because the couple we’re working with just did something balls to the wall awesome-town for a great photo, and because they did that they created a memory for themselves in that moment of that-one-time-we-got-married-and-did-something-a-little-crazy-but-damn-was-it-worth-it. We’re also totally here for the calm before the storm moments of a wedding day, and the moments of laughter and tears and pure unadulterated joy because IT’S WEDDING DAY!!!! We want your photos to reflect YOU and for you to feel like you’ve had a helping hand in creating your photos just by being yourselves, not because you saw it on Pinterest as the Top 50 Wedding Photos or because your sister’s co-worker’s best friend’s cousin did it at her wedding. Let your love be original + organic.



Let’s talk about authenticity for a moment. While we love ourselves some Pinterest for all of our ikeahacks and mixology recipe needs, we love it a lot less when we’re trusted to be creative and moment-making badasses only to be handed a list of shots completely made up of Pinterest photos of other people and sometimes even styled model shoots and told that we need to spend all of our picture taking time recreating those photos. Here’s the thing:

  • Those photos are someone else’s creative ideas and it’s a big ol’ boooooo when you rip them off.
  • If you tell us that you love our work and the natural + fun photos we make, then that’s rad! Let us do our thing and we promise you’ll get what you love out of our work when we shoot your weddings + portraits. If we spent all of our time re-creating Pinterest photos then we don’t get any time left over to actually connect with you and make magic with you.
  • I guarantee you will not love any photo we recreate as much as you loved it when you pinned it because it’s not the same exact lighting, location, time of year, a candid moment or even really you in the photo – you’re just mirroring someone else or a model and whatever props they might have. We get it, it’s adorable to have a photo with some well placed props or a cute sign – we’re totally guilty of doing it ourselves, BUT it’s only cute if it’s authentic to you + your wedding!
  • We aren’t here to be photo copy machines for you. While we are all about the real moments and connections, we do appreciate our ability for creative and fun portraits and moment-making, and we promise we’ve got you covered!



We are fans of props – like we’ve said, we use them sometimes in photos of ourselves. What we are less a fan of is when props take over your photo shoot and you are lost behind them. We feel like Pinterest and props often go hand in hand and when you get lost in the props you’ll lose a lot of the real we strive to show in our images. We are totally down with you bringing along a few things that are really special to you both or that will accent your photos. Just keep in mind that less is more! We want you to feel relaxed and sometimes props can help you get over those jitters you feel when you think about getting in front of the camera, but we also have been doing this long enough to know how to get you to relax and have a great time while we take your picture, which is what we care the most about. Let’s rock it out!



You don’t need to give us a shot list that consists of things like “first kiss” or “putting on the dress”, we’ve gotcha covered on those ones. The only photo lists we’ll be needing are of the VIPs – the family portrait list! Don’t stress, either, we’ve got a questionnaire that we’ll send you before the wedding that gives you the space to fill in all of the names and groupings you’d like. That being said, we do want to stress that working with us is a collaborative process! Don’t just lie back and think of England, we want and encourage you to get involved with us to get you the best damn photos of your best day yet. We love to hear our couples’ ideas!



We miiiiiight let an expletive slip out when we get a really awesome shot. We try to keep it profesh and clean, but can we get a hell yeah for rad moments? We also are five year olds and will sometimes use inappropriate words to make you laugh. Oops. #sorrynotsorry



Above all else, this is about you and your love, and all of the people you’re sharing it with. It’s not really about us at all, and we like to just blend right in with the crowd of people cheering you on after your first kiss and as you dance. The only time we are ever really hands-on during a wedding day is during portraits and a little during getting ready to direct you into the best light. For portraits we use active posing and direct you in a way that feels natural. We’re a couple, so we pose together so that you can mirror us. But at the core, this is about touching each other (that’s what she said), and about being into each other and a little bit about making out, if we’re being totally honest with you. We’ll be hands off and quiet, documenting your love as it’s unfolding in real time when we see you’re having a moment together and we’ll jump in to tell you what to do when we see that you need to laugh and move and dance around a little. We play games, ask you to move around and tell you to do silly things together to guide you into natural + fun photos. We’re going to get really silly and weird together, like making our best impressions of emojis.



You may have noticed while browsing our website and stalking our instagram feed that we are kinda big on adventures and if you are too, then you are definitely in the right place. Sometimes the best adventures are had when you just aimlessly drive or hike in the woods. Those are the fun moments we want to photograph, that spontaneous spirit and journey that your love takes you on. This is best served with awesome locations that are sometimes just a random street with kick ass light and a cool alleyway, or wandering through fields and climbing mountains and hills and taking a canoe to the lake. Think more wilderness or urban jungle and your wild hearts rather than manicured gardens and parks. Don’t over think your locations and don’t stress, we’re all just out to have a great time together! Let’s have some fun and go on a loventure!



At the end of the day our work boils down to having fun, it’s so important to us. If you’re having fun, then you’ll get great photos. We want everyone to have an amazing experience with their wedding and portrait photography, we want them to not be afraid to let it go and let loose. We want them to not be afraid to get in front of the camera because it feels weird being in the spotlight. We do this because it’s fun to make people laugh and it’s fun to capture that moment for them. SO LET GO + HAVE SOME FUN! We give you permission to kick your shoes off and run around barefoot + to let your hair down. Let’s make real moments and get a little lost together. 

01.Ok, we're in! What's required to book our date?

YAAAAASSS!!! We’re pumped to meet you!


First things first, fill out our contact form to email us and tell us the important details like your names, wedding date, and wedding venue. We also really appreciate it when you tell us a little bit about yourselves, and heads up if you don’t tell us we’re going to ask you some questions to get the answers out of you anyway! We’ll send you over our pricing guide with all of the information you’ll need about wedding + portrait commissions.


After we make sure that we’re available for your date we’ll set up a double date or a video chat to get to know each other a little better. After that we’ll email you over our contract!


The short answer: we need a signed copy of the contract and a $1000 retainer towards your final wedding balance to secure your wedding date with us. For portrait shoots we require a 50% retainer.


02.Straight up, plain and simple - what's included?

We offer a choose your own adventure style of wedding commissions. Our base commission, the starting point to your map, includes the following:


  • 8 hours of wedding day coverage with Mary + Roy as your photographers
  • Optional complimentary engagement shoot up to 2 hours
  • High resolution digital image collection with rights to print, duplicate, share with grandma, etc.

Any products or extra services you’d like to add on to create the wedding commission of your dreams is completely up to you. We over a range of products and services to suit your needs.

03.How many weddings per year do you shoot?

We shoot between 20-30 weddings each year and 25 is our happy number. We get extra super bummed when an awesome couple comes along asking for a wedding date we are already booked for, so if you dig on us then get in early! We book up our calendar 1-1.5 years in advance of a couples’ wedding date. That being said, don’t be afraid to get in touch if you see that we’ll be in your area on our travel dates list!

04.How long have you been doing this? How many weddings have you photographed?

We’ve been going strong for 6 years. And over those last 6 years we’ve shot 80+ weddings and counting.

05.Do you travel for weddings or shoots?

Can I get a hell yeah? YEAH!


Our little wanderlustin’ hearts love to travel and meet people from all over, and we’re always ready to go!

06.What's PASS?

PASS is the awesome cloud-based platform that we use to get your High Resolution Photo Collection to you! It’s super easy to use, and you can download your images across all of your devices (desktop, laptop, smart phone, and tablet). You can print, download, share with grandma, and order prints to your heart’s desire! Holla!

07.How soon do we see our photos?

Within 2 weeks after your wedding or portrait shoot you’ll get sneak peeks and all of your formal wedding portraits (yeah, that includes your couples’ portraits, bridal party, and family photos!). Then in another 4-6 weeks after your portraits are delivered you’ll receive your full gallery with all of the candid moments and detail photos. Editing turn around time varies during peak wedding season.

08.Can my family + friends take pictures at the wedding?

Of course! We are not the kind of photographers that would ever go up to one of the guests at your wedding and ask them to stop taking pictures! They can snap away all day. We just ask that guests are advised to not get in our way during important moments throughout the day – we all want the same pictures but we’re the ones you hire to capture them!

09.What happens if our reception is running late?

Even if you have the perfect wedding day timeline and every single person in your party is impeccably on time, delays on your big day happen! And that’s totally okay! Roy and I just go with the flow and work hard to make everything just as perfect as you dreamed! If your reception is running late, we usually hang around for a while at no extra charge. If you need us to stay longer than an hour, we will need to send a bill for additional hours after the wedding. If you are planning on a grand exit, make sure you note it in your questionnaire!

10.What's the deal with wedding albums?

Roy and I are not just photographers, once upon a time before we started our business we were both graphic designers. The process is really easy, we ask you to select 80-100 of your favorite photos in PASS and we’ll take those and create an album first draft and send you a copy of the proof. You’ll be able to go through and make comments, ask to swap out photos or move them around, and approve the album before it goes to print. You’ll have your gorgeous album in your hands 8-12 weeks after it’s finalized and sent for print.