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Instabot Photobooth
A Modern Open-air Photo Booth

The Instabot photobooth is a modern open air photo booth available for party and event rentals in Jacksonville and beyond. This sleek open air photo booth is the perfect addition to any party or event that will provide hours of fun and entertainment for party goers and guests. Photo booths have become a staple at weddings and events and are now being rented for birthday parties, corporate events, holiday parties, sweet 16 parties, graduation celebrations, fundraisers, engagement parties, and other events. The Instabot open air photo booth is touch screen and easy to use, and prints your photos in seconds after your guests are finished taking their pictures. The open air aspect of the booth allows for no walls or curtains to contain the fun of the Instabot Photobooth! After your event your high resolution images are provided for you in an online cloud gallery for you to download and share. We offer modern, handmade, and vintage props and backdrop options, as well as customizable options to display your branding, monogram, logo, and more on screen and on your prints for the perfect photo booth experience at your event. For getting the most out of your rental we recommend at least a 9′ x 9′ space to comfortably fit the backdrop, the Instabot, and the props.

Prints, Prints, Prints!
Prints, Prints, Prints!

To print or not to print? That’s the photo booth question. And we make the answer simple – print! We include as many prints as you and your guests need for every rental. With our graphic design background we will design a print custom to your event, whether you want it simple with just text, or if you want something more elaborate with a wedding monogram or your business logo. We can match your prints to fit the vibe of your wedding or match your stationary!

01.How much is the rental?

Our rental packages are based on hours of operation starting at $480 for a 2 hour rental. A 4 hour rental is $800 and a 6 hour rental is $1130. Additional hours can be added on for $164 per hour. Sales tax is not included in package pricing, it will be added to your final balance total.

02.What comes with the rental?

All rentals include a backdrop, the Instabot Photobooth, unlimited prints, our collection of props, 1-2 photo booth attendants, and an online gallery of images available for download after your event.

03.Does the photo booth print photos?

You betcha! Not only does it print photos within seconds after you and your guests are done hamming it up in the booth, it prints your choice of 4×6 or 2×6 strips (doubled and dye cut for double the fun).

04.How many pictures can we take?

As many as you can fit into your rental time!  Need multiple copies? The booth can print up to 400 prints per roll, then our friendly Instabot attendant will refill it and the fun can start all over again!

05.How do I get my images after my rental?

We’ll email you a link to your gallery! It’s an awesome cloud-based platform that we use to get your prints and photos to you! You’ll receive an email with a 4 digit download pin. It’s super easy to use, and you can download your images, as well as order a larger print of the individual photos from your photo session so that you can always cherish your Grandma wearing a unicorn mask.

06.Are you insured?

Of course! If your venue requires a copy of our liability insurance certificate just let Mary know!

07.How much space do I need?

Because of the Instabot booth’s sleek and modern design it can fit pretty much anywhere! We recommend at least a 9ft by 9ft area to allow for enough room for a ton of guests and the backdrop to fit in the picture. That way the photo booth, the backdrop, the props, and the line to use the photo booth has enough room. You can go smaller or bigger to fit your event’s needs, just keep in mind that less people will be able to fit into the photo.



08.How many people can fit into the photo booth?

Is that a challenge? Challenge accepted! The beauty of open air photo booths is that you can fit all of your friends into your picture without having to cram into a tiny booth  or get tangled in curtains!

09.Is an attendant required?

Yes, our friendly attendants accompany the booth wherever it travels. They are there to assist with how to use the booth, as well as set up and break down of the booth.

10.How does it work?

It’s all touch screen and super easy to use! You’ll be able to select everything you need  right on the screen!

11.Is there a photo booth to get into, like the old fashioned boardwalk kind?

No, the Instabot Photobooth is an open-air photo booth, meaning it is a stand alone sleek system with professional lighting and easy touch screen operation pointing towards a backdrop, wall, or designated space. If you’re looking for a traditional booth give us a shout and we can point you in the right direction to some friends of ours!

12.How do I reserve the Instabot Photobooth for a rental?

We require a signed contract and a 50% retainer towards your final balance to reserve the photo booth for your event. Your full payment is due one week before your event. If you are renting the booth less than a week away from your event, then full payment is required at the time of your rental reservation.

13.How soon do I get my photos after the rental?

You’ll get your photos back within 1-2 weeks of your event, but most of the time we get them back to you within 24-48 hours for maximizing the memories you made in the Instabot!

14.Ok, but I'm really bad with computers. Can I pretty please have a disc or USB drive?

Yes, for an additional fee we can provide you with a flash drive of your images from your event!

15.Why are you different than every other photo booth company out there?

There are many photo booth companies in NJ and in the Jacksonville area, however many of them are traditional booths like the old fashioned kind, or are large companies. Roy and I started our creative studio as wedding photographers and graphic designers and wanted to expand ourselves by adding a photo booth to our services. We searched for the perfect, modern open air booth to fit our brand so that we could bring our clients a non-cheesy, quality, affordable photo booth rental option that includes printing. We are not a big corporation, we are a boutique pro-photographer business.

16.How many Instabot Photobooths are available to rent?

We currently have one booth, but if we aren’t available for your rental date we have friends in the area and we can point you in the right direction!

17.Can the Instabot Tweet/Facebook/Instagram/Email me my photo?

We’ve opted to not offer social media capabilities to the Instabot until there’s a way that works cohesively with the Instabot’s software. So short answer, no, but you’re welcome to snap a photo of your prints to share! We like to check #instabotphotobooth for your photos, so be sure to tag us!