It has been a whirlwind of craziness since signing our lease on our home in Murray Hill in Jacksonville. We packed like crazy for three weeks and in the middle of that we threw in a trip to California to hit up Field Trip and hang out with our friends from all over. On March 7th we crept out of our home in New Jersey at 4am and started the long road trip down I-95 to Florida, for the first time driving separately. Roy was a champion UHAUL driver and I had to make a last minute switch and borrow my Mom’s car when my car had a hiccup.

After an endlessly long drive, with an obligatory stop at Waffle House for lunch because WAFFLES, we pulled into our new driveway just after sunset. Our buddies and new neighbors, the Karsts and another friend of ours, all came over and helped us unpack our boxes like a human assembly line. We had everything unloaded from the truck and car within 20 minutes and celebrated with a T-Rex (basically a meat explosion with some cheese and sauce on perfect pizza dough) pizza from Moon River.

We spent every day for a week unpacking our boxes and waiting around for our deliveries from IKEA and West Elm and making obligatory trips to Target. In between all of that we gathered with our new friends and met even more new people as we started exploring our neighborhood, Murray Hill. We’re proud to say that after two weeks in #ourlittlenestongreen we’ve gotten just about all of our boxes unpacked. Our house might still look like a bit of a disorganized, mismatched mess – but we aren’t living out of boxes so I’m calling it a big win and you can fight me on it.

After only being in our house for a week we had to drive BACK up to NJ for the weekend (I know. At least we were back to driving together!) so that I could hang out with one of my brides from last year and so that we could work for our friends at Party Cam and supply our Instabot for the Flyer’s Wives Charity Carnival.

But, now we’re back at our new home in our new hometown, Jacksonville! And y’all, WE LOVE IT SO MUCH. The community here is just amazing, our quality of life has already improved so much, and we are just so F*CKIN’ HAPPY! Come visit us and hang out with us in Murray Hill! We will take you to all of our favorite eats.

Since we didn’t have to work a wedding this past weekend we actually got to do a fun Saturday date day, which is dang near unheard of for us. We went to Gastro Fest at Hemming Park in downtown Jacksonville. We nomad on fried brie balls, filipino tacos, pickles on sticks in true southern fashion, delicious hummus and brought home some amazing raw honey and noms from Fresh Jax! We’re fully embracing that Florida lyfe over here, I even bought myself a longboard with a pineapple on the bottom. #sohip #fightmeiloveit

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