The move to Jax is officially ON! We planned a trip down to Jacksonville to visit our Florida buddies and the family that we have here, and our main mission was to find a house. Spoiler alert: we did it! We’re so in love with our new little nest and we can’t wait until our official move in date, March 7th! We’re so happy and excited to decorate our new space and immerse ourselves in the amazing community in Jax. We’ve been hanging out with our new neighbors and meeting rad local wedding vendors. And, of course, I’ve been obsessing over all the ideas I have to decorate and make our space our own. We’ve been thrifting all week and so far I’ve scored some really rad finds, including a cast iron cactus muffin mold pan (score!!) and a gorgeous slab of wood that our friends are going to turn into a side table for us. I’m so excited to dig into some fun IKEA hacks and plant all the things in the garden we’ll have in our back yard. Roy and I are so happy that our move is our next big adventure. SO F*CKING EXCITED, PEOPLE!!!! ALL THE HAPPY